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Frigidaire FAD704DWD Energy Star 70-pint Dehumidifier Review

Frigidaire Dehumidifier FAD704DWD can operate continuously without any fuss when the unit is placed near a suitable drain, and is ideal for both in basements and for general home use. This dehumidifier features full-function electronic controls, a washable filter for reducing room odors, bacteria and other airborne particles. This important features plus other various innovative features ensures that this unit is easy to operate.

How Does the Frigidaire FAD704DWD Dehumidifier work?

When it starts, the fan starts to pull moisture-laden air through the dehumidifying coil. This coil condenses or draws moisture from the air, then air flows through its side louvers, through to the room as warm, dry air. The moisture removed from the air is then collected in a bucket situated on the dehumidifier’s front.

Normally the air is fan-forced over the coils which are coolant-filled to remove the moisture. The condensed humidity then trickles from the coils into bucket-which is emptied when full. The now drier air is then expelled back into the room and thus bringing your house back to your preferred humidity level.

Why Choose the Frigidaire FAD704DWD Dehumidifier

●     The best feature of  Frigidaire FAD704DWD dehumidifier is that it is very portable.You can easily move it from one location to the other with much ease.
●     This dehumidifier is very efficient as it is an energy star. Energy performance is always rated by the amount of water extracted every hour against the quantity of power used to do so. For utmost effectiveness, this is an ENERGY STAR fit unit.
●     With this dehumidifier ,one can easily maintain good hygiene as the dehumidifier has a filter that is easily washable. The good thing about this feature is the ability to greatly reduce the bacteria, odors in the area and any airborne particles in the room.
●     It is affordable and comes with a warranty.

Features of the Frigidaire FAD704DWD

●     This dehumidifier has an antibacterial filter. This eliminates any bacteria in the air, leaving your space fresh and clean.
●     The area to dehumidify is up to 1400 square feet.
●     It has an adjustable fan speed of 2 for ease of use and flexibility
●     It has electronic controls and amazing digital humidity readout. This is very effective and convenient especially for monitoring purposes.
●     The humidifier has a Space-wise design. This includes a integrated top handle with side handles and caster wheels. This allows portability from any room in the premises to the other
●     It is white in color and weighs approximately 46 pounds. Thus not heavy at all and easy to carry and move around
●     It has digital humidity readout and indicates when the bucket is full so that it may be emptied. The bucket should always be emptied for it to be used. When the bucket is full the indicator illuminates. Press on the sides to unclip it gently from the unit then remove the bucket.
●     The humidifier has an automatic shutoff. This turns it off when the bucket is full at any given time.
●     It also has an auto restart. This feature always turns the unit back on in instances where there was a power outage.
●     The controls apart from being electronic, they are user friendly. A user is able to select basic humidity levels with a choice of normal level, dry level and very dry level. Very easy indeed!
●     This dehumidifier comes with a convenient 6 feet long, three-prong power cord. No need to use extension cords here.
●     The unit has an on/off switch for convenience purposes.
●     It also has a continuous pump option. This allows for continuous operation when the dehumidifier is located in close proximity to an appropriate drain.

How to use Frigidaire FAD704DWD

Tips on how to make maximum good use for your Frigidaire FAD704DWD while maintaining its effectiveness

●     Always push the plug firmly into wall outlet and turned on
●     Empty the water in the bucket when it has reached its preset level
●     See that the windows or doors near the dehumidifier are not open to outdoors. This increases its efficiency,
●     Always try to uphold an unhampered airflow
●     The air filter should remain clean and this may be done by regularly checking it. When the filter is dirty then airflow is restricted
●     Always unplug the unit before trying to clean it. It is safe this ways and will prevent any electric shocks
●     To steer clear of any likely electric shock, always unplug the unit when emptying the bucket
●     To maintain good hygiene always clean the bucket with warm water and detergent. The water from the bucket should be discarded as it is not safe for drinking. 

Some additional benefits of Frigidaire FAD704DWD

Energy and Cost Saving
This unit operates at considerably low temperature. It therefore uses less energy and is money saving. It is a top-rated dehumidifier, earning excellent scores for energy efficiency and water removal. It also has good score for humidistat accuracy.

Improves Home Environment
Excessive moisture can be very destructive in that it can stimulate the growth of mildew and molds anywhere within the home environment. This machine helps in elimination of bacteria found in the air, which can make breathing very difficult most of the time.

Automatic Shut-Off Unit
Frigidaire FAD704DWD shuts off automatically,when the water tank gets nearly full,. This important quality increases its safety level thereby making sure that no risks involved in its operation. It will automatically restart after a power failure. This is why it can be used well in an unoccupied home with very little monitoring.

Effortless Humidity Control
This feature allows the user to control the exact humidity level of their rooms. The experts say that this Frigidaire 70 pint dehumidifier couldn't be any easier to operate. It has full-tank alert that reminds the user to empty the unit.

Space-Wise Portability
The Frigidaire Dehumidifier FAD704DWD is easily portable. This is made possible by casters and handles that will assist with the moving of this equipment. This plus its light weight of approximately 50 pounds makes carrying it very easy.Normally people ask,where to buy frigidaire fad704dwd energy star 70-pint dehumidifier .The answer is straight forward.

Very Quiet
Many professional testing organizations gives this machine good scores for its quietness while in operation. This is one of the many parks of this unit that many users have cited as a source of their amazement. Sometimes it is hard to tell whether it is running or not. It doesn't have the annoying rattling and buzzing noises that some other dehumidifiers produces.

Two Fun Speed
This allows the user to choose the best rate at which moisture is to be removed from the air. The choice lies with the owner, and they are able to select their own preferred condition. That is why it is able to remove up to a maximum of 70 pints of water in a day, from the air.

This humidifier is thus a best buy as it is sold for just two hundred and nineteen dollars on To use this humidifier always put it on a place that is higher than the drain or use an additional horsepower and pump to drain off the water when you are around or not,. The dehumidifier has low noise levels thus not a disturbance to someone who need a quiet time even when it is in use. With this unit mold and mildew in your home will be a thing of the past as they are some of the causes of difficulty breathing in both children and adults.

Always take care of the dehumidifier to avoid tampering it and for longer usage. This is a unit worth buying especially with changes in weather especially in spring when it is damper. Worth to note is that the Frigidaire FAD704DWD is that the unit should be allowed to reach room temperature before anyone operates it. This is a product worth your money and time as it will give you greater comfort even in the presence of an air conditioner. It brings back freshness to any space.

The washable filter keeps the air always smelling fresh and the humidifier prevents any possible odors that might result from molds, bacteria and mildew. Fresh air is what is required in the house and a good dehumidifier must be able to meet this requirement perfectly, and that is what it does.

One of the greatest units the Frigidaire Company has come up with is the Frigidaire FAD704DWD. It has both power and sophistication. This is a 70 pint Dehumidifier manufactured specifically to protect your beautiful home from any mold and distressing mildew which are mostly caused by the presence of excess moisture build up. Standing at 24.65 inches length, 11.32 inches width and a height of 16.08 inches, this dehumidifier makes sure your breathing problems are eliminated as it gets rid of the bacteria in the air around you. Of the many humidifiers I have bought this one and it seems to fit what I have always wanted to have in the house. Even with the presence of an air conditioner, this dehumidifier is essential, especially in the dampness prone areas, like the basement and laundry areas. This is an exceptional device that will really bring freshness and a great atmosphere in the house in any season. 

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Dehumidifier - how to control temperature

As a result, especially in winter, we can afford lowering the temperature of our heating around 2 or 3 degrees Celsius. Several studies in various countries have confirmed that for each degree that we got our heating we can save 5% in energy costs.

If the average we pay heating in Spain is €400 (four months of winter €200 every two months), lower heating 2 degrees we would assume around 10% savings, therefore €40
If we air not often our stay we have condensation and mildew problems especially in bathrooms and kitchens in our homes.

One of the great benefits that brings a frigidaire dehumidifier fad704dwd reviews is that once this has got it down excess moisture from our property to the desired level, we won't need air our stayso often, because our device is performing the same function of ventilation.

This fact can make us save money also especially in winter, avoiding to our stay coolwhen you open windows or air ventsThis translates into a savings of 5% - 15% offour annual bill of gas, depending on weather conditions.

Therefore applying the average as stated above it would match other €40 per year savings.
Finally if our property is affected by moisture this can result in an expenditure of annual maintenance:

Repairs windows, walls, ceilings: this is fairly difficult to estimate but doing a calculation on the downside we could probably spend €30 on average in the year in paintsand sprays moisture (this assuming repairs are carried out by ourselves, therefore we get free labor)
Comparing costs and annual benefits for a dehumidifier

Minimum  €42, maximum €80 annual electricity cost
Saving heating and annual maintenance  €40 + €40 + €30 = €110

Therefore the fact of using a dehumidifier in our homes can be assumed energy savings per year of between €30 and €68.

Aside from the calculated savings should take account of something that is pricelessas it is the undoubted advantage dehumidifiers to bring to our health, especially ifwe suffer from allergies or asthma, and our home in general.
Analysis of the 5 best dehumidifiers

Then we leave a brief analysis of which are, in our opinion and that of many users, the 5 best dehumidifiers of the market quality price.

Howevereach user has different preferences, such as price, size, aesthetics or consumption which we intend to fill with excellent and multiple models included in the table above.

Why desiccant dehumidifier are recommended

Why we recommend a desiccant dehumidifier for temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius.

It has to do with the performance and the effectiveness of these devices.

Refrigerant dehumidifiers have a compressor that cools the air to absorb. This compressor is usually operate between 3 and 5 degrees Celsius temperature.

To make effective Dehumidifying the difference in temperature between the air of our stay and the compressor must be largeOnly in this way we can produce condensation of the water vapor from the air, i.e. There must be a high contrast of temperatures.

Why air water vapor condenses on your glass when you have moisture inside and the temperature inside this escondensacion of relatively high steam compared to theoutsideIt is the same effect as when we take the breath in a glass, this evaporates immediately since we are providing moisture and heat to a cold surface. Due to thecontrast of temperatures our breath condenses on the glass surface.

With all this in mind, which is not little, refrigerant dehumidifiers are sensitive to environmental temperature:

If this is too low ice may form on the compressor, i.e. the air water vapor freezes "adhering" to the compressor instead of condensed into extraction tank. So many refrigerants equipment come with an automatic mechanism defrost "jumping" wheneverice forms on the compressor. When a manufacturer indicates that your refrigerant dehumidifier can operate between 4 and 32 degrees Celsius, it is not lying. They are simply telling us that at low temperatures they can defrost the compressor or prevent this freezing to keep the dehumidifier running.
Against lower environmental temperature is lower is the contrast that we spoke of before, therefore dehumidification becomes very slow and expensiveWe must bear in mind that manufacturers calculated the maximum values of extraction of frigidaire dehumidifier fad704dwd reviews dehumidifiers between 30 and 32 degrees Celsius for something.
Desiccants are much less sensitive to the temperature since the process of dehumidification is purely chemical. For example, at 15 degrees Celsius can consume more energy, and take a lot longer to absorb the same amount of water vapour, that one desiccant frigidaire dehumidifier fad704dwd reviews.

Our experience with these devices and the experiences of our readers have made usdetermine that below 15 or 16 degrees centigrade of ambient temperature refrigerant dehumidifiers operate, but become more slow and consume more electricity. Thisis not a problem for most people where their stays temperatures are above 15 degrees centigrade.

Is the purchase of a dehumidifier a good investment?

Buy a dehumidifier can be a saving

Our readers make us this question very often. But the answer is more difficult than itseems. The energy companies do not hesitate to increase their electricity tariffs eachyear and the cost of living has skyrocketed in the last decade. This us is forcing, as consumers become more cautious when it comes to spending our money.

How can we estimate the cost of maintenance of a dehumidifier?

To do this we are going to divide our analysis into two parts:

1benefits that provide:

We don't air our property so often; This translates into energy savings, especially oncold autumn and winter periods.
The feeling that the environment surrounding us is more warm.
There is less moisture in the air, our heating is more effective and require less energy to heat our stayThis is based on that part of the heat energy from our radiators isabsorbed by moisture in the air, so it is more expensive to heat damp air dry.
There is one lower risk of suffering damage, both outside and inside our properties,due to moisture or mold buildup.

Down payment to buy the device.
The electricity needed to run the dehumidifier.
If so required, change filters periodic although the trend lately is to incorporate washable filters instead of disposable.
We take the calculator... Calculating the savings of a dehumidifier

Calculations that we make here are approximate, but they intend to determine if buying a dehumidifier is a good investment or not.

The strong point of the expenses that entails having one of these devices is, withoutdoubt, electricity consumption.